Switch on your Zen mode with waterfront living spaces.

Living near blue spaces can have therapeutic and meditative benefits. Wait no further; it’s time to find your ideal waterfront home. Writers, painters, poets and mariners, they have all testified to the state of wellness and harmony that they find themselves in whenever they are near the blue spaces like oceans, seas, lakes, river, etc., In fact urban professionals are no exception as they increasingly seek residences where they can live in harmony with nature and channelize their inner calmness.

One of the most important pillars of Zen, a school of Mahayana Buddhism, is meditation. But sitting long hours in silence may not be the only way to attain calmness. While it’s true that Zen teachings lay emphasis on meditation, they also encourage people to find their own meditation technique. Some find it in running, others in yoga and the rest in ‘blue mind’ science. It is a way to meditate and heal by channeling the power of blue spaces.

Today, many communities and living spaces are being built near water bodies. This is not as much attributed to the functional benefits as much it is to human brains, which are wired to be drawn to blue spaces.

Benefits Of Waterfront Living

Science says living near water bodies can induce therapeutic and emotional benefits in us. For example, it can make us calmer and help us sleep better.

Interestingly, the ancient Chinese believed that living close to water spaces brings abundance and prosperity. Furthering this age-old belief, a study in 2016* discovered that living in the immediate sight of water considerably reduced psychological stress in humans, helping our brains to easily switch to distinct ‘modes’ like mind-walking, creativity and sleep.

Today, many buyers and investors are inspired by this form of Zen living and are indeed looking for homes near aquatic spaces.  

But besides the emotional wellbeing, living by the water can have luxurious benefits too. Life can be beautiful when you get to indulge in niche hobbies like sailing, fishing and rowing from the comfort of your home.

Private mooring areas and breathtaking vastness are incentives too enticing to give it a pass.

The Best Area For Luxurious Waterfront Villas In Dubai

Dubai is home to a thriving real-estate industry. And most of the architectural marvels can be sited at Dubai’s most flourishing district, Mohammed Bin Rashid City. Also known as the MBR city, it offers investors, a sprawling cluster of deluxe villas by the stunning Dubai water canal.

With boundless dining, retail and entertainment experiences, these Villas facing Dubai water canal offer unparallel lifestyle, right in the heart of Dubai. Designed as perfect meditative spaces for drifting, reflecting and cleansing, it is here one can tune in to their Zen mode most strongly.

Our Final Thoughts

Bespoke living spaces along the water bodies can truly have a healing and meditative effect in humans. Besides they also make a statement about a lifestyle which is full of elegance, sophistication and tranquility.

No surprises, this aesthetic magnificence comes at a premium price but if you go by the expert’s word, an investment in these astounding properties will be worth every dollar.

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