Luxury Living Is Being Redefined By These Smart Home Devices

Personal perspective woman with digital tablet managing digital security system in modern, luxury home showcase interior living room

While traditionally luxury has been associated with all things handcrafted, this conventional belief is increasingly being challenged by technology. A different kind of luxury – one that spells comfort, class, and connectivity as never experienced before – is being offered by sophisticated virtual assistants, self-driven cars, and an entire IoT-led personal ecosystem.

This change is being fueled by the icons of ultimate luxury – contemporary residences, with the global smart home devices’ industry currently valued at USD 54 billion. In fact, the smart home systems’ market in the Middle East alone is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.30%.

From condos and villa owners to spacious apartments and luxury studio residents, people across top cities, globally are experiencing luxury living with these popular smart home devices:

Smart Locking Systems:

Traditional keys are being replaced by smart door locking systems, especially when it comes to weekend homes and investment pads in foreign destinations. This is because heightened security as well as immense convenience is offered by such smart locking systems. Imagine forgetting your set of keys back home and then struggling to get access to your own home. Flying back home isn’t an option, and you must spend the next few hours trying to find a locksmith or a set of duplicate keys from the maintenance folks.

Lending your house to friends and family who might be travelling from different parts of the world than yours also becomes extremely safe and easy with smart door locking systems; the hassle of handing over physical keys to is avoided. Since such smart door locking systems come with smart home technology controls, you can be assured of real-time access to every entry and exit at your luxury residence and always stay updated on its security.

Smart Cooking Systems:

As luxury living gets a different perspective with concepts such as Hygge, cooking isn’t just therapeutic, but a way to explore passionate living. Whether it is organic quinoa salads and turmeric lattes or something more indulgent that you would like to cook, your cooking experience can be elevated by smart cooking systems that include appliances such as the precision cooker and bluetooth-powered fryers. Completing the ecosystem are IoT-enabled refrigerators; dependable companions on ingredient shopping sprees.

In fact, the luxury offered by smart home products can be extended to the dining experience as well, with products such as smart forks that measure your calorie intake, which both, you and yours guests are likely to appreciate. A noteworthy innovation in this segment is the smart plate. It is equipped with three sensors to send out notifications on your eating habits. Couldn’t this be one of the most effective ways to meet your fitness goals?

Smart Vacuums:

Maintenance of luxury residences has never been easy. While a fair share is taken care of by house-keeping professionals, it helps when they are equipped by you with the best cleaning tools available out there. In fact, smart vacuums can be operated even in their absence.

They smart home products can be programmed to operate at a specific time, every day, even from a remote location. The best part is that these cleaners work on infrared sensors and thus, are trained to go back to the dock for charging after the cleaning is done. These smart home products ensure that you and your guests come back to a spotless home after a long day out, irrespective of a house-keeping professional’s availability.

Of course, cleaning isn’t the only thing that smart vacuums are designed to offer; several editions are embedded with features such as an in-built air purifier.

Smart Ambience Systems:

True luxury is when your surroundings adjust themselves to match your mood and preferences. Trust smart lighting and cooling systems to do just this. An increasingly popular home automation category, these smart systems work on WiFi and are equipped to let you control the temperature and lighting preferences with a few swipes on your phone. In fact, some of these smart ambience systems are equipped with motion sensors so that you never have to worry about switching on appliances or turning them off.

These are especially a great investment if you frequently have guests borrowing the keys to your residence when you aren’t around, and you are looking for ways to keep things comfortable for them despite your physical absence.

These Home Automation Products are a great investment if you are planning to redefine your luxury living experience. Do share your thoughts on smart home devices and luxury living in the comments’ section below.

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