Smart Lighting: Transform The Way You Use Lights.

Why Is Smart Lighting Crucial For Luxurious Homes?

Intelligent lighting control is the future of luxurious homes. The ability to moderate lights automatically does not only enhance the home experience but also results in efficient energy consumption. This is particularly true for luxurious homes that have colossal living spaces and hence require smart modulation of the lights.

Besides its light-tempering usefulness, smart lighting technology adds to the aesthetic appeal by transforming the way your luxurious home looks and feels. With color- changing abilities, smart lights give way to various lighting ideas for home and helps you create an ambience for every occasion; one for watching movies, another one for reading, and yet another one for dining.

How To Upgrade To Smart Lighting?

There are two ways in which you can upgrade the lighting in your home. The first is to install smart motion sensor lights which will detect the movement in your house to automatically turn lights on or off.

The other and the more intelligent way is to centralize your home lighting via a single wireless device such as your smartphone or a tablet. This is done by replacing the traditional lights in your homes with smart bulbs.

How do I get started with smart lighting?

There are two ways to get started with smart lighting. You may either go for smart bulbs or you may choose to install the smart light switches which allows you turn any light into a smart device. The latter is more useful as it will save you the trouble of replacing the smart bulbs after they run out of their power.

Once your smart bulbs or smart switches are installed, you can download the necessary apps on your iPhone or android phone to modulate it.

However smart lighting systems are not just controlled by an app or your mobile phones. You may also synch your voice-assistant platforms like Siri, Cortona, Alexa and Google Home with the smart lighting systems.

What Are The Cost Implications?

Smart lighting technology comes at a premium price.

The LED starter kit will start from AED 260 and above, and it will consist of a hub and two white bulbs. However, individual products are also available, for example, you can buy a single-color bulb which can start from AED 49 and go up to as high as AED 125.

Different products are priced differently, you may check the net for a range that suits your needs the best.

Our Final Thoughts

Smart lighting technology is indeed the future of smart homes. Besides being a convenient technology, smart lighting can have a positive impact on our lives, and everyone in it.

Many companies have introduced smart lights that can mimic a natural sunrise and sunset, allowing you to sleep and wake up naturally. Additionally, by allowing you to program the lights remotely via a wireless device, smart lighting technology ensures your furry friends are not kept in the dark while you are away from home.  Interestingly, studies prove that plants grow more under LED lights as compared to fluorescent lights as it produces wavelengths of lights essential for their growth.

Given that smart lighting system is transforming the way we are consuming lights, an investment in the technology is worth it. Toggle 

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