Sobha Realty is a premium real estate developer headquartered Dubai, UAE and specializes in developing luxury residential apartments, townhouses & villas.
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Our Philanthropy & CSR Initiatives

Our Philanthropy & CSR Initiatives

Mr. Menon’s philanthropy has positively changed the lives of thousands, with half of his wealth committed to charitable organizations.
His devotion to humanitarian causes has not only earned him admirable accolades but the hearts of people around the world.

  • Sobha Hermitage

    Sobha Hermitage

    A home for the elderly, Sobha Hermitage sprawls over 27 acres of green estates in the heart of Kerala. It’s a place of warmth and affection, a true haven for the less fortunate. Further, our social rehabilitation scheme for young mothers ensures their safety and security with no costs incurred.

  • Rural Women Empowerment Program - Sobha

    SOBHA Rural Women Empowerment Program

    As a part of this program, Sobhacovers expenses of 50 widowed mothers of the Kizhakkenchery
    panchayat that includes their allowance, clothing, medical and other personal accessories. In addition, the educational expenses of their children are also taken care of, with the aim to provide them with sufficient opportunities.

  • Sobha Icon - Empowering the youth


    We believe in empowering the youth and giving less fortunate students a platform to grow beyond their capabilities. Sobha Icon gives an equal footing to kids from schools with limited resources to outperform and expand their knowledge base. This was conceived with the vision of creating icons of India. We’re also developing the Sobha Shadow Icon initiative that involves regular parent-teacher meetings and tracking the progress of kids studying at Sobha Icon.

  • Health Care Centre - Sobha


    With the aim of impacting the underprivileged society at large and making healthcare
    accessible for them, the Sobha Healthcare Centre took shape. We’re involved with 2,500 families from adopted panchayat, the Sobha Academy and Sobha Hermitage, providing them with free consultation, medical checkups and treatment.

  • Social Weddings - Sobha


    To help couples whose families are unable to provide a dowry, Sobha has set up a charitable trust to organise weddings without dowries. Along with that, it gives marriage counselling to the couples, and has
    successfully completed 500 weddings till date.

  • Sobha's Green Initiative

    Sobha Green Initiative

    Sobha’s green initiatives are widespread in all our projects. It involves large-scale rain harvesting, preserving 3000 varieties of flora and fauna and efficient waste management. This is a CSR project undertaken on a massive scale to reduce carbon footprint and impact the environment positively.



    An initiative that stands out amongst many others was a personal donation of AED 1 million from the chairman of Sobha Realty, PNC Menon, to benefit the cause of the ‘1 Billion Meals’ campaign. This noble initiative was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to provide food aid to the vulnerable communities in almost 50 countries.

    Sobha Realty is proud to support this noble initiative by making an active contribution.



    PNC Menon, Founder and Chairman of Sobha Group is a board member of the Rashid Centre for People of Determination. The company has always supported the centre as part of its mission to give back to the community. Earlier, the group constructed a smart room for the kids at the facility that is equipped with advanced technology, interactive games, and other amenities designed specifically for children of determination. Sobha Group will continue to serve the society by contributing to the development of the Rashid Centre.