Willing to Invest in Dubai? Things to Know Before You Invest in Dubai

Published on September 23 | Blogs

Property investment is one of the most significant and profitable investments worldwide. Property prices have been climbing since the 1960s, and it looks like it’s not stopping anytime soon. So it’s not actually about whether to invest in properties or not; it’s about where to invest in properties. That’s why property investment in Dubai is an investment in the future. Property developers in Dubai are investing in a well-ordered, industrious city with mesmerizing waterside locations and unmatched luxury aesthetics. Investment opportunities in Dubai are attracting investors from all over the world to the city that has evolved in 20 years beyond anyone’s imagination. Dubai’s real estate market has had a setback during the pandemic, as every other market around the world did. Still, it has quickly recovered as the property market saw more than 15,000 residential property deals between January and April 2021, which marks a 34.5% growth YoY. In the same year, the trade volume of residential properties priced over 3.6 million increased by 41.1% over the year. The first quarter of 2021 marked one of the busiest and best segments of the Dubai property market since 2015, giving the future of Dubai's property market the green light.

Dubai’s real estate market offers extremely innovative and luxurious infrastructure. In fact, after the coronavirus hit the world, sales of all types of properties, including residential properties, increased. However, after the second wave of COVID-19, Dubai has attracted many tourists and visitors and received many immigrants from different regions. The rising demand for Dubai real estate and the urge of people to buy luxury properties has definitely pushed the market charts higher. It will only bring positive results to the Dubai real estate market.

Why should you invest in Dubai?

Being one of the most emerging cities in the world with superior life abilities, Dubai is a multicultural city with 83% of its population consisting of foreigners, making it a target for travel hubs and businessmen from all over the world. Dubai offers a wealth of opportunities connecting 3 billion people living in the MEASA region consisting of the Middle East, Asia and South Africa. It provides substantial financial and banking services making it the trading Capital of the MEASA region and a target for more than 500 international companies leading to more than 350 billion dollars of trade flow through Dubai each year. The Dubai International Finance Center (DIFC) is the center of the MEASA financial system. A finance system with 17 of the world’s 20 leading banks, 7 of the top law firms, and 17 of the world’s most prestigious finance and investment management companies.

Other than financial and banking services, Dubai is the center of future architecture, infrastructure and cultural diversity with a fast-growing economy. That’s why investments in Dubai are open to everyone in the world.


Why choose property investment in Dubai?

Dubai’s fast evolution into being a leading city in architecture, infrastructure, and first-class environment has helped rank it as one of the best cities for property investments in the world. Aiming to become the most visited place in 2026 makes now the prime time to invest in rental properties and real estate property management. Learn more about luxury real estate in Dubai and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of. More reasons to invest in properties in Dubai are:

● Anyone can invest in Dubai properties from anywhere around the globe. This means higher rental prices and asset liquidity options
● Higher rental yields in Dubai compared to other global real estate markets
● Property prices are affordable when compared to other central cities worldwide, with unlimited potential for future growth, offering 8% to 10% rent returns
● Dubai's new visa laws allow investors to gain a residence visa under certain conditions depending on the price of their assets. Assets worth more than 1 million AED allow you to apply for a 2-year residency visa, and the duration of residential visas increases as your asset's worth increases
● Dubai rental properties and apartments guarantee a stable income that may fluctuate but will not demolish completely
● The absence of property taxes makes more favorable tax conditions than other real estate markets and marks Dubai as the new property investment capital

What are the pros and cons of property investment in Dubai?

Real estate investments in Dubai can be significantly profitable, especially for people who are ready to hold on to their property for extended periods of time. However, like any investment, it may go wrong and cause you to lose money or even lose your investment.

Property Investment Pros:

● Properties can sometimes be obtained at lower or below-market prices, especially if the seller or previous owner wants to sell it quickly and you are ready to invest money and buy it fast
● Real estate investment can be significantly profitable over time
● Increasing inflation worldwide affects earnings generated from most types of investments but not for real estate, as rental prices and buying prices increase as inflation increases

Property Investment Cons:

● Best real estate investment returns take extended periods of time
● Real estate income can vary according to your property’s location and rental prices in the area
● Property maintenance may be unexpected such as a broken A.C or a leaking sink
● Real estate transaction costs, such as fees and commissions, are relatively high

Which real estate company to invest with?

Finding a company to trust and invest in is not easy. You will need a company with notable projects providing a lifestyle and a budget that works for you. Sobha Realty is where you can find it all - it provides an inspiring lifestyle and luxury living on an 8 million square feet waterfront community of apartments and villas with lush green spaces and entertainment facilities. Investing in Sobha properties gives you the privilege of its terrific location minutes from the iconic Burj Khalifa, allowing you to live in this great area or easily rent your property to tourists who come from all over the world to enjoy the magnificent architecture of the famous Burj Khalifa and business bay. Sobha realty is a company established in 1976 to meet qualifications and standards that will exceed your expectations. Learn more about the projects by Sobha developers and find the property that suits your requirements.