Art of Luxe Living

Published on February 06 | Press Releases

Based on its ‘Backward Integration’ model, the brand continues to set the bar high.

Sobha Realty is an international reputable real estate developer in Dubai, known for providing exquisite quality homes and sustainable real estate projects. First launched as an interior decoration firm in Oman in 1976, Sobha Realty has over the years redefined the art of living by delivering luxury properties with exceptional quality and design. PNC Menon, Founder and Chairman of Sobha Group, has elevated the firm to new heights and positioned Sobha Realty as one of the most reputable real estate developers in the UAE and in India. Under Menon’s prescient leadership, the company has been able to expand its footprint with developments and investments in other major countries including Oman, Bahrain, and Brunei.

Sobha Realty has drastically transformed the value chain through its in-house conceptualization, design, and development capabilities. The real estate developer has also witnessed a continual flow of investments from within and outside the UAE, displaying the group’s superior quality, elegance, and design in their properties. 

For the year 2021, the group achieved sales worth $1 billion, owing to growing investor demand. As part of its efforts to meet the increasing demand for luxury properties from international investors, Sobha Realty has embarked on several innovative projects. One of them is the Sobha Hartland project, which is being developed as part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City master development. Sobha Hartland is a luxurious freehold community spanning across eight million square feet in the heart of Dubai, with over 30 percent of the area allocated to open areas and green spaces.

What sets Sobha Realty apart is the adoption of its ‘Backward Integration’ model in its construction processes. This unique business model provides better control over the building processes in the value chain and ensures that their projects adhere to the highest quality standards and are delivered within the given timeframe and cost parameters.
Sobha Realty, in continuation of its trusted quality and design expertise, plans to capitalize on its competencies to deliver even more extraordinary masterplan developments.

The UAE fosters an ideal platform for growth and development, especially for the real estate sector by increasing its prospects for investments. The country’s strategic and solid alliances with other countries also contribute significantly to inviting overseas investments into real estate projects in Dubai. The long-standing cooperation between India and the UAE over the decades is a notable factor that substantially aids both countries and contributes to the growth of their economies in a variety of ways. The real estate sector in the UAE, including Sobha Realty, has benefitted from this cooperation between the countries. With India as one of the UAE’s biggest partners in terms of trade and investments, India is also one of the top four countries that invests in Sobha Realty’s projects in the UAE. 


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