Leading role of women in breaking barriers and driving inclusivity in real estate sector

Published on June 20 | Blogs

Since the initial years, the real estate sector had been dominated by male business leaders, however in recent years it has progressed significantly to include women leaders, recognising their immense potential to bringing enhanced creativity and innovation in the industry. Numerous global policies and strategies have been addressing gender equality and promoting women’s participation, and the real estate industry is no exception in following suit and helping aspiring women break the glass ceiling and accomplish their ambitions, through the provision of equal opportunities. As the realty sector evolves, the perceptions within the industry are also changing at a rapid pace, with organisations involved in the sector fostering a culture of gender balance and promoting the active participation of women.

Currently, female real estate investors are driving growth and innovation, redefining and shaping a bright future for the sector through their exceptional skills and strategies. We can currently see an increasing number of women stamping their mark in real estate as investors, professionals, buyers and many more. With numerous females making significant inroads and securing top management positions, they are rewriting the rules and existing norms in the industry, paving the way for a gender diverse and more inclusive real estate sector.

Owing to tough working conditions and enormous physical efforts demanded by the sector, the industry has quintessentially been a male-led landscape, with women obtaining very limited or no opportunities. Even though significant contributions have been made in the home-buying journey, women’s role has been mostly overlooked or undermined. However, women are presently breaking stereotypes, penetrating the industry and serving real estate boards in diverse roles from real estate agents, brokers and developers to leadership positions.

There are multiple reasons for women thriving in the industry, which includes innate creativity, capacity for multitasking, ability to blend innovation and creativity, as well as detail-oriented mindset, which can transform the industry. Their diverse skills and capabilities bring new perspectives and ideas, promoting inclusivity in the sector and driving growth. As women become more and more financially independent, they have been taking the initiative in today’s world as independent purchasers, investing significantly in real estate and fuelling the demand for residential and commercial properties.

In addition to being influential buyers, women in real estate investing are becoming more savvy. They are continually looking for investment possibilities and creating broad portfolios with an eye towards long-term growth and financial security. With increasing number of women making their presence felt in the investment landscape, the real estate sector is observing a favourable shift towards increased diversity and inclusion.

The rise in women’s participation in the real estate sector goes beyond personal advancement to promoting inclusive communities. Their unique perspective on urban planning and development places a strong emphasis on sustainability, accessibility, and safety. Additionally, they are further influencing the creation of more comfortable, equitable and environmentally responsible communities by prioritising developments that cater to the requirements of varied population

Women’s contributions and accomplishments in the real estate sector serve as a great inspiration for future generations as well, as they continue to make their mark in the industry. Their contributions are opening doors for more women to pursue jobs in real estate and assume various leadership roles by breaking barriers and dispelling prejudices. This promotes the culture of diversity and gives young women the requisite confidence and conviction to move forward in their journey, enabling them to explore more innovative avenues in this historically male-dominated industry.

Currently, the real estate industry is witnessing a significant transformation with women playing crucial roles in the decision-making processes within the sector. By disrupting current status-quo, women’s active involvement in the industry is shaping the future of real estate industry, fostering the growth of more inclusive communities, and motivating younger generations to take up more challenging roles. With women in real estate successfully navigating the labyrinth of leadership , we can certainly anticipate a more diversified and inclusive real estate market.